Friday Open Practice Rules

Open Practice is for NAF agility students, VAST club members and approved individuals.  You must be approved by your instructor before using any agility equipment.  Those that are not taking classes at NAF must contact a NAF trainer for approval to use the field.

A signed agility waiver must be on file for anyone using the field.
Sign in on the field usage sheet located in the white drawer. Fee is $5.00.

Do not take your dog on equipment you have not been instructed on. 
Warning: It only takes once for your dog to fall, slip or perform incorrectly to lose their confidence for a very long time. Don't risk it.

All dogs on the inner agility fields MUST be under verbal control at all times while being worked on the equipment.  Otherwise, dogs should be crated or kept on leash.

Please be respectful of others using the field. If you are sharing the field, make sure one team at a time is on the equipment or rotate to different pieces. 

The equipment is for dogs only - HUMANS stay off the equipment!

Please leave the field and equipment as you found it.  If courses are set, you can move the equipment BUT YOU MUST RETURN IT TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION.  If you take equipment onto the field you must put it back when you are done.

Pick up after your dog. 

Pick up after yourself.

Please notify Mary (209-484-2174) or Carlene (209-988-7345) if there is a malfunction of any of the equipment or if you notice something is missing.

For more information call 

Mary Van Wormer at (209) 484-2174
Carlene Chandler (209) 988-7345